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Mystery of Cleo de Merode

Mystery of Cleo de Merode

Mystery of Cleo de Merode

Cleo de Merode was a French dancer, star of the Belle Epoque. Her name firmly established in the history of world culture. French dancer remembered not only for her choreographic skills. There were so many rumors about her personal life. Even after years it is difficult to understand where there is truth and where is fiction.
Her fate was always shrouded in mystery.
Her full name was Cleopatra Diane de Merode. She was born on September 27, 1875 in Paris. Cleo was the daughter of the Austrian landscape painter Karl Freiherr de Merode (1853-1909).
The girl graduated from the ballet school at the National Opera in Paris. She made her stage debut at the age of 11. At the Paris World Exhibition in 1900 she performed Cambodian dance. She danced at the Folies-Bergere and performed in Hamburg, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Budapest, and New York. Thanks to her rare beauty she was a favorite model of many painters, sculptors and photographers of the era.
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Elizabeth I – good queen Bess

Elizabeth I. Coronation

Elizabeth I – good queen Bess. Coronation

Queen Elizabeth (1533-1603) is one of the most famous women in modern history. She is famous for her intelligence and power, her self-confidence, caution, vanity and thrift.
The Princess’s life was troubled from the day she was born. Henry VIII, her father, had changed the course of his country’s history, broken with the Catholic Church so that he could marry her mother, Ann Boleyn. He wanted to have an heir to the throne. The birth of a daughter disappointed him. When little Elizabeth was three years old her mother was executed, the girl was declared illegitimate and sent away from Court.
Henry married again. His next wife gave him a son, Edward, and died shortly afterwards.
Katherine Parr, Elizabeth’s stepmother, brought her and her half-sister Mary back to court. The girls got a very good education. They studied history, philosophy, mastered Latin, Greek, Italian and Spanish.
Elizabeth was 14 when her father died. Edward became a king. Very soon it was clear that Edward VII was seriously ill. The struggle for the crown began.
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