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Corbin Bleu and his life

Corbin Bleu

Corbin Bleu and his life

Corbin Bleu was born on February 21, 1989 in New York. At the age of four he was a model, a Broadway actor at six, appeared on TV at seven, became a film star at fourteen, and then he was part of the biggest musical ever made – High School Musical.
When Corbin was about six his family moved to Los Angeles and he nearly drowned in the swimming pool because he couldn’t swim. Luckily, his mother saved him. Corbin has three younger sisters. He says that they are crazy, yet funny and often make him laugh.
Bleu graduated from the Los Angeles High School for the Arts. When he was a first-year student, Corbin was cast in the lead role in the feature film Catch That Kid.
In the summer of 2004 Corbin participated in a new television series Flight 29 Down on Discovery Kids channel.
He was a celebrity guest in various TV series, including Hannah Montana and The Good Wife.
Corbin played in the film Jump In (2007) together with his father David.
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